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MO Bengal Breeders raising TICA Registered Bengal Kittens Missouri fayh1999@yahoo.com 417 349 1850

 Perfect Kittens Bengals
Home To Quality Exotic TICA Registered Bengals cats/kittens,
Missouri Bengal/Manx cat Breeder located near Hartville,
Bengal kittens 4 sale/Bengal kittens for sale

Available for deposit
Nursery Name:
COLOR:(Snow) Seal Spotted Lynx Bengal 

We are Proud Members of: T.I.C.A, TIBCS & C.F.A

Perfect Kittens is a Missouri State inspected
& licensed cattery # CB 8592
We are proud to meet all requirements
necessary for proper cattery management.

Our cattery is inspected once a year by our
local veterinarian plus we provide routine
veterinarian care throughout the year.

Perfect Kittens, Bengals was Awarded, 
"Outstanding TICA Cattery" 2012-2014

Brown (Black) Spotted Male Bengal

* NOTE- If you live in Missouri or you pickup your kitten in Missouri,
the Law requires that we add a state tax onto the cost of your
cats/kittens total price.
EXP- If the cost of your cat/kitten is $575.00 , I will have to add
on $30.04 making your total $605.04
A $600.00 cat/kitten, I will have to add on $31.35 making your total

Bengal kittens
Below are just a few examples of the Quality of Bengal kittens that we raise

Snow, Seal Lynx point Marbled




  Quality Exotic Bengal kittens for sale at Perfect Kittens.

We now have
New Arrivals

 Our Bengal cats/kittens are our Love and Passion here at Perfect Kittens.
They are wonderful companions and make excellent pets.
They are loving members of our family just like we hope they will become
loving members of your family when you adopt one of our Perfect Kittens!
 We are a Missouri cat breeder that specializes in Quality T.I.C.A Registered
Exotic Bengals.
 We raise the following Bengal colors: Brown/Black,(Snow) Seal Lynx Point,
Seal Mink and Seal-Sepia. (AKA- The Snow Leopards.)
 Sometimes we get an occassional Silver Snow, Black Melanistic, Silver Smoke
and Charcoal.Our Bengals come in Spotted, Rosetted and Marbled pattern.

 We offer kittens as pet,breeder & when available show quality.
  Our kittens are raised in comfort with lots of love and affection around our
young children,teenagers,adults and a couple dogs.
 We believe that it is very important for all of our kittens to be well socialized
and played with starting at a very young age and also on a regular basis.
 Here we make sure to handle all of our cats and every single kitten daily
(usually starting at day one) we play with each and every one of them.By doing
it this way we are able to guarantee you,"that each and every kitten here receives
a very high level of socialization & companionship before he/she is placed in their new
home".We also believe that this helps them be able to adjust much better & way quicker
when placed in their new home/homes environment.
 We try to place ALL OUR KITTENS, choosen carefully (with your help) to place the right
kitten and its personality with the right owner and their lifestyle.
 If you feel that you would love to share your life with a Bengal or a Manx, then we would
love to help you out and find that special family member thats just right for you and your
loved ones !

 Please feel free to take a peek at our Bengal Available Kittens page and see if a special kitten
tugs away at your heart strings !
 Our Bengal cats/kittens are our Loving companions and special family members here at Perfect
Kittens so naturally,"We want every single one of them to receive a loving,happy,healthy,
forever home with their new family".

"Retired Bengals Available"

We hope you enjoy all of our cat/kitten pictures on our website as much as we do !

We always try to keep our websites as currant and up to date as we possibly can.

 At times we may have a retired Queen/Tom that is looking for a retirement
home to be loved and relax,so if you are interested in an older well loved and
cared for companion, please do let us know.

As always, your Perfect kittens' experience does not end with your
purchase of one of our Bengal or Manx kittens.
 We provide ongoing support and communications to all of our clients
long after your purchase, and we welcome any questions,comments
of any kind from all of our clients.
We try to develop a special personal relationship with all our clients,
and we welcome all of your letters,emails and updates about your Perfect Kittens'

Sorry, We no longer raise the Manx or Aby breeds.

We do have an Indoor-only policy, written Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement when purchasing a PerfectKitten.
You can read more about our health guarantee and sales Agreement on our
Perfectkittens Pet Sales Agreement
Health Guarantee info.
~Proud Member of the following organizations~
The International Bengal Cat Society

The International Cat Association

The International Cat Association Breeders Online/Outstanding Cattery

This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by
The International Cat Association, Inc.

Also Proud members of bengalbreed.com, bengalsillustrated.com &
many other Bengal & cat sites as well.




 HybridLAW is a very useful site, it tracks laws concerning
ownership of hybrid cats and dogs in the United States.


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 Snow Bengal Kittens (Blue-Eyed)available at this time 07/28/15
Now Accepting Deposits on kitten of your choice. 
Interested in an Adult Bengal, we have a few available as well. 
Brown(Black) Bengal      Snow Bengal     

Silver Bengal
   Black Bengal  Retirees   
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"Reserve" your Perfect Kitten, Today !

We are accepting kitten deposits.
 $200.00 (Pet) kitten deposit
$500.00 (Breeder prospect) kitten deposit,
when available.

An additional $3.00 per $100. will be added in  to help
 cover PayPal fees, when paying via PayPal!

We also accept Postal Money Orders
if you perfer to make
 your deposit by mail, Please contact me for mailing info.
E-mail: fayh1999@yahoo.com

If you would like to place a $200. Pet Kitten Deposit, please click on (BUY NOW) Button above.

If you would like to make a (Pre-approved) payment, please

Bengal kittens
Below are some of our recent Bengal kittens
that were born here at PERFECT KITTENS.

(LILLIE) Silver Spotted Bengal, female
(UTAH) Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal  Male
(COSNER)  Silver Spotted Bengal Male
(RIKKO) Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal Male
(BLAZE) Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal kitten

As always "BUY TWO" kittens "at the same time"
and receive a
$100. discount
off of your second kitten.
(This discount does not apply with special price/discounted cats/kittens)

We offer this discount because we love to see our
kittens placed together in the same home.
Sometimes One kitten,will get lonely while you are not
home,but Two kittens are always having a good time!

If you are not on our waiting list and you are interested
in a certain kitten,but you are not 100% sure today,
For $10.00 (Non-Refundable) Pay-Pal Deposit we
will Hold this Kitten for You for 48 hours!
If we Do Not hear from you within the Two Days,
The Kitten will then be Available to another customer.

A $200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit,will hold your
 "Pet" kitten of choice until he/she is ready to be
 picked-up or shipped (usually at 12 week old.)

Bengal kittens

 We are dedicated in our Breeding programs to
produce Bengal kittens/Cats with great type,wonderful
 loving personalities,great temperments
and we
are working on tighter pelted coats as well.
Our kittens are well Socialized,starting from day one,
born & raised in our home with small children,
teen-agers,Adults and a small dog.

Indivisual kittens are always evaluated and
priced on quality of color,contrast,coat,conformation
of the Breed Standards.



I totally recommend this book to all
Bengal owners and cat Lovers out t
here, Awesome book !!!

For More info. about this book,
please CLICK on picture of book !


Photo courtesy of Michael & family

Click here to see what Perfect Kitten
Bengal & Manx Clients are
saying about their Perfect


Photo courtesy of Jessika

Fay ( Rhonda)
Central Missouri
Email: fayh1999@yahoo.com

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